Email Week: Gmail

     Now for our 3rd post in email week!  Email week is me showing my lovely followers a great way to organize your email so you can finally get that inbox under control.  We have already gone over the basics of IFTTT and Evernote that we are going to use but now for a little background on the email platforms that I will be using during this week.  Gmail is one of the biggest online free email platforms available so I will be using that to for this week.  Gmail also works well with IFTTT. is also large but doesn't have good integration with IFTTT yet.  If you use you can signup for a free gmail account.  After that go to and forward your email to your new gmail address.  Hopefully IFTTT will get support in the future so you don't have to do this.

     Gmail is the free email service by Google.  They allow you to store massive amounts of email and has several other features built in that you will find useful.  Gmail is easy to navigate and available on several platforms.  When you sign up for Gmail you get a Google account.  So now you also have access to all Google websites and services through the same sign in as your Gmail account.  Because of this Gmail has amazing integration with other Google apps but we are going to use IFTTT to integrate with even more apps.  Gmail already has some tools for organizing your email built in but I prefer to get my emails into Evernote so I can do even more with them.

     Once my emails are in Evernote I can sort, edit, or annotate them.  And that is a just a few of things I can do with them.  Gmail allows you to save almost an unlimited amount of emails so nothing ever has to be deleted.  This way you never lose anything important on accident.  This would create a very messy email environment if we weren't going to do something about it.  With IFTTT and Evernote however, we can do something about the emails we need to see and then forget all the junk email that we never want to see again.
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