Free Hosted Email?! Where? Zoho Mail Thats Where.

    Zoho Mail

     Zoho Mail.  A interesting piece of software that I am very happy that I came across.  I was Googling in a field one day for Email solutions and ran across this beautiful piece of delicious software.  Quite simply it is hosted email.  Not hosted Exchange but a good hosted email solution none the less.  So lets dive into this mean piece of software meat.

     The major thing that first caught my eye about Zoho Mail is its pricing.  Like most enterprise level products it has multiple tiers so you can pick the one that is right for you or your organization.  Here are the tiers and some of their benefits.

  • Free - $0 & Ad Free!
    • 5GB/User Mailbox Storage
    • 5GB/User Docs Storage
      • Host 1 Domain Only
        • Up to 25 Users
        • Online Office Apps
        • Docs Desktop Sync
  • Standard 10GB - $2.5/User/Month
    • 10GB/User Mailbox Storage
    • 5GB/User Docs Storage
      • Multiple Domain Hosting
        • Custom Logo
        • Online Office Apps
        • Docs Desktop Sync
  • Standard 15GB - 3.5/User/Month
    • 15GB/User Mailbox Storage
    • 5GB/User Docs Storage
      • Multiple Domain Hosting
        • Custom Logo
        • Online Office Apps
        • Docs Desktop Sync
  • Premium - $10/User/Month
    • 25GB/User Mailbox Storage
    • 250GB Docs Storage(Shared)
      • Standard Edition Features +
        • Document Sharing
        • Docs Admin Gonvernance

     So for FREE you can have up to 25 email accounts and each one will have 5GB of storage not to mention desktop syncing and online use of the Zoho Docs product which is a competitor to Microsoft Office.  Don't have to worry about ads on the free edition either.  Go up to either Standard plan and get more email storage, the ability to go above 25 users, and you can use a custom logo.  Premium jumps way up in price, maybe a little too much, for a crap ton more storage not to mention document sharing and Docs admin control.


     So the free edition is perfect for my needs and probably lot of your needs.  But how is setup?  Well the big thing is you need to have your own domain first.  The big reason why Zoho Mail's free edition is so great is because you can get an email address at your domain name for free and it not just be some forward account.  This is what I am doing for my email.  

     So setup is pretty simple.  Zoho gives you some instructions that easy to follow.  The biggest things you have to do besides actually setting up email accounts and email groups is verify that you own the domain you are going to use and change your DNS records to properly point to Zoho servers.  Which may sound a little complicated if you have never setup an email server before but like I said, Zoho gives very clear instructions on how to do this.  Just know where you can change the DNS for your domain on the site where you registered, bought, your web domain name.


     Now I have not recieved that many emails through my tekkinmotion email addresses yet so I haven't actually used Zoho mail that much.  However I have preformed a few test emails I have to say for a no name never heard of email solution, the web interface is right up there with and  They also have an app for Zoho Mail. Well two actually but I haven't tried the second one.  Just download the Zoho Mail app on either you Android smartphone or iPhone and login with your email accounts credentials and you will get started.  One down side I have found for the app so far is that it won't work with multiple email addresses.  Which is a bummer, but you can use POP3 or IMAP to retrieve and sync your emails in another program or app.

     I could keep going on about the other awesome features in Zoho Mail like the calendar and contacts but I think this post is getting a little long.  I highly recommend that you go check them out if you are looking for custom email at your web domain for the right price.  Even the paid editions are cheap compared to most out there.  So now that you have feasted on some information I just suggest you head on over to and start digging into the feast that is Zoho Mail.
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