Tekk Tip: Ctrl+ Shortcuts

     Welcome back.  Did everyone enjoy my previous shortcut Tekk Tip?  The one about the Ctrl + Shift + T shortcut.  Did you like it?  Did it make you feel like an IT guru by using a shortcut not every knows?  Well if you did, I have good news for you.  This post is going to be about more shortcuts.  These shortcuts are a little more common.  You may have heard of a couple of them.  Here is a list of shortcuts that can make you faster on your computer.

Ctrl + C:       Copy
Ctrl + V:       Paste
Ctrl + A:       Select All
Ctrl + Z:       Undo
Ctrl + P:       Print

Hopefully you get some use of out these and use them everyday like a I do.  It saves so much time when you add it all up.  I have more but get used to these shortcuts first.  Future Tekk Tips will have more shortcuts so keep checking back.
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  1. Oh the controls we use that the commoners don't understand :-P