How to Pick Your Next Android Phone

     There are quite a few different Android phones out there.  Depending on your carrier you have access to different kinds of phones.  So how do you choose which on is the best fit for you?  Well Android is making that easier for you.  Android has updated its site to give you a tool for finding your next phone.  Its quite easy to use.  Just go to and answer a few questions.  Then the website spits out some suggestions for you.  It takes 5 minutes or less to answer the questions.  None of the questions are difficult to answer and you don't even have to type anything in to answer them.  Just select your answer out of the options it gives.  Easy peasy.  Here are my results.

     I would say that the website does a good job since I have the HTC One M9 and have looked at the other two.  Of coarse it might be because I know what phones give me what I want but the website guessed it too.  Which I like.  Anyway.  If this sounds cool to you check it out at my link above.  See you all later.

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