Email Week: Evernote

     Hello and welcome back to email week here at Tekk In Motion.  The next part of our email solution is Evernote.  Most people know Evernote as a note taking app, but it can be so much more.  It can organize your entire life if are willing to use it.  We are going to use it organize your email.  Well the email you want to see anyway.  Here are some the basics of Evernote.

     Evernote, at its core, is an organizational program that you can use from every device you have.  Desktops, Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Web to name a few.  I use it at work and at home.  At home I use it save emails, receipts, web articles, and even entire web pages. At work I use it to give me reminders and organize my to-do lists.  These are just a few ways you can make Evernote work for you.  The most powerful way I have ever seen is when someone had a process to make Evernote an inbox for your entire life.  Using all of the features in Evernote he was able to organize anything life threw at him.

     We are not going to be doing anything nearly that involved but just know you can do that if you want.  Here is what Evernote looks like after you have signed up and installed Evernote on your computer.

     From here you can start setting up your notebooks and and making notes.  Lets make a few notebooks to get us ready for our email organization.  In the left column you will see Notebooks.  Right click on it and create notebook.  You can name these whatever you like but I am going to be using Receipts, Reminders, and Read Later.  After you have your folders created, right click on one of them and click "Add to Stack".  Create this under a new stack.  Rename your stack for convenience.  I named mine "Email Week".

     Now we have our basic Evernote setup ready to go.  Now for our email.  I will be going over Gmail since it integrates well with IFTTT and is one of the most popular email platforms out there.  After that comes the integration with IFTTT and then some extras.  Email Week keeps on going!
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