Email Week: IFTTT

     Hello everyone and welcome back.  This week I have something special planned.  Over the next week and I am going to show and fun and interesting way to integrate multiple products to help you organize all that email you get.  Our inboxes can get messy at times and single inbox no organization apps like Inbox are not for everyone.  I hate them personally because I like to be able to search but make searches faster by looking in smaller folders.  I tend to save almost all emails and not delete them so search times for apps like Inbox can grow to large amounts of time.  This week will be showing how to auto-sort and manage your email into multiple folders and programs.  To facilitate a lot of this we will be using a website that I have written about before.

     IFTTT is a website that lefts you automate several programs and services together with tight integration.  Here is a link to my original post about it.

IFTTT helps you to ingrate several programs and services that normally don't work together.  This can be used one over 100 different applications including some hardware.  IFTTT works through what they call recipes.  More or less it works like this.  IF This happens Then do That.  Simple really.  There are predefined triggers and actions based on the application you want to work with.  You use these in your recipes to set up your automation.  IFTTT recently came out with a new type of use as well.  They call it DO.  You click your DO button and an action that you already defined happens.  This most useful with their DO app on smartphones.

That is a basic overview of what IFTTT does and some hints as to what it will do for us over this next week.  If you want more details you can go to my earlier post above or to and check it out for yourself.  If you are interested in following the rest of this week then please sign up for a IFTTT account so you are ready for our next step.

Oh and having an Evernote account would be good too.
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