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    Hello again.  Today I wanted to mention a great online service called If This Then That or IFTTT for short.  Basically what it lets you do is have a way for other online services and apps to work together and set up automation between those apps.  Each action you use or create is called a recipe.  Some things are simple, such as saving any email you starred in Gmail to Evernote.  This is a single recipe.  But it can get more complicated once you start interacting things with your phone or chaining together recipes.

     I created a recipe earlier that is my first published recipe for public use.  The first link below will take you to the IFTTT website and the second one will take you to my recipe.  You need to signup for IFTTT before you can use my recipe and you also need to activate the specific channels that my recipe uses.  Channels are the app and services that IFTTT works with.  You must "activate" your channel before you can have IFTTT interact with that service.  Currently there are 145 channels and they are adding more almost every week it seems.  Currently I only use 17.



     My recipe takes any received email in your Gmail and pushes a notification to Pushbullet.  To get this to work you need to install the Pushbullet extension on your Google Chrome browser.  Then, after you activate your channels for Gmail and Pushbullet, any time you receive a email in Gmail you will get a pop up on your Desktop or Laptop letting you now you received an email.  You could also install the Pushbullet app on your phone and you would get a notification there as well, but this would be redundant because Gmail will already give you a notification on your phone.  This recipe is so you can get a notification on your computer as well.  These instructions are also available if you follow the link to my recipe above.

    Also I am going to try something new and embed the code for my recipe to the right of this post on the blog.  There will be a button that says add.  So if you are already logged into IFTTT then this will add the recipe to your account.  Give it a shot and let me know how it worked for you in the comments below.
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