Tekk Tip: Setting a Password for Windows

     Hello loyal readers.  Today I am going to take you through a short explanation on how to set a password on your Windows computer so you can keep other people out.  It is very simple.  Lets jump in.

     First thing you need to do it hit start and click on the icon of your profile near the top of the start menu.

     After you click the icon you will be in the User Accounts screen for your Windows account.  The first link at the top will say "Create a password for your account."  Now you just need to type in your password twice and give yourself a password hint in case you forget password.  That's all there is to it.

     That was pretty simple.  I made this tech tip as a prelude to another tech tip that I have coming up but I also came up with another tech tip while working on this one.  Just goes to show that you never stop learning.  Keep checking back for more!
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