Vacation - Wind Generators

     Hello everyone.  I apologize for my absence but I have been on vacation with the wife.  We went to see the mountains at Colorado Springs, Colorado.  Now I am back though and to make up for my absence I will be putting out a lot of posts.  This first one is pretty cool.  We drove through Kansas to get to Colorado and Kansas is FLAT!!!!!  Extremely flat and boring to drive though but I did get to see a cool piece of technology while we drove though.

     We saw a ton of wind generators.  Now where I live I don't see these because there are too many hills so I about flipped when I saw them.  Good to know that some people in this country care enough about renewable energy that they spent money to build so many wind generators.  The bottom isn't the best picture but you can see all the little lines popping up at the horizon.  Those my friends are all wind generators.  They were everywhere for a few miles.

     Not to mention these things are massive.  So massive that they need seven Semi truck loads to bring them in.  Each arm comes in on its own truck.  The tower base splits into three pieces and each piece gets its own truck.  Last but not least the actually generator part is so large it needs it own truck to be brought it.  Unfortunately I could not get a picture of those along the way but I did see a few of these trucks at rest stops and along the interstate.

     Thats all for now guys.  Keep checking back in because I did get the chance to see another awesome piece of technology out there but that will be another post.

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