HTC One M9 is MINE!!!!!

     Hello everyone.  I got a new phone over the weekend. This would be a great opportunity for a review except that my phone has already been review to the moon and back.  My review would just be a rehash of everything others have already said.  By now you are probably thinking just tell us what you got already!  Well I got the HTC One M9.

I have had great luck with my HTC One M8 so I wanted to move up to the M9.  Faster processor, more RAM, and my main reason for getting the M9, the better 20.7 MP camera.  Photo quality should be going up with the photos on my blog now that I have the better camera.  It may not have a Quad HD display but I am extremely happy with.  I got used to the HTC Sense overlay and actually started to enjoy it.  I use BlinkFeed everyday to keep up on tech and find new and interesting things to let you guys know about.  Also the new themes app that the phone has now let me customize the phone easily.  Most people will enjoy this but I will probably go deeper into my customization as I finish my custom icons.

     All in all I am extremely happy and excited about my phone.  I would be happy to answer any questions about it if anyone is on the fence about.  I am fan of HTC phones, have been since the Evo phones.  HTC was the first company to make an Android phone so I also love being a part of that history.  Anyway enough rambling.  Don't forget to like and share the social links below!
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