Facebook Link Post Broken(For A Couple Days)

     Found out something interesting on the Tekk In Motion Facebook page the other day.  Turns out that post a link to my blog was broken.  I am not sure if this affected everyone or just me but it wasn't pulling a pic or description from the site for a post.  So instead I had to post like this.

     How did this affect me you may be asking.  Well at the bottom of the pic above you can see how many people this post reached.  That is Facebooks metric for showing you how many people of at least scrolled past your post.  On this post it is 21.  When link posts normally work I get around. 60-70.  So this bug cut my posts views by two thirds.  But thankfully it seems to be fixed now and everything is back to normal.  Just an interesting observation.

     Since this post is about Facebook go to link dump on the left and like the Tekk In Motion page.  If you like what I post why not share some of the posts on Facebook too?

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