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     Google's annual I/O conference was last week and one of the many things they announced was a update to their Google Photo app.  You can you use it on Android, iOS, and the Web.

     They have given Photo a new assistant that helps you by turning your photos into giffs, stories, and more.  For the most part the assistant they added works well and I am impressed by it.  Another awesome thing is Google has put to work on the back end is some sort of image recognition.  For example if you search for "dog" it will find all the pictures you have with a dog in it.  While this works with generalities it may not work with specifics.  Like if you searched for a name of a dog rather then dog.  Anyway my big new reason for using it is not only the search but also the storage.  Before the update any photos above 2048x2048 used your Google Drive storage space.  That is only around 5MP per picture which is nothing these days.  Any phone worth its weight in salt camera wise can do at least 8MP.  Now though, Photos will store your 1080p videos and up to 16MP for free and not use any of your Google Drive storage!!!!!!!  Since Photos can also do auto backup it is now my auto backup solution for my photos and videos.  If you don't mind being sucked into the Google ecosystem more then I suggest you check it out. Here is the link below.

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