Tesla Superchargers

    Hello everyone  Here is another post about cool tech that I found on my vacation.  As we all know electric cars are a growing trend and we are starting to see more charging stations for them across the country and world.  But what is the most awesome electric charging station that you can think of?  How about the Tesla Supercharging stations.

     Found one along the interstate on my way back.  Didn't see a Tesla the whole time I was on vacation but I found the charging station.  The chargers are sleek and beautiful and surprisingly right across the parking lot from a gas station. Haha.  I though that was funny but it makes sense.  The whole point of the supercharging stations is a mostly full in charge in about a half hour and being close enough to places to do things while waiting.  That is where most gas stations are anyway so I guess it makes sense.  All in all a very cool piece of tech that is allowing other awesome to tech to grow.  Here is a final pic for you that is closer up to one of the chargers.

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