Tekk Tip: How To Print In Black Without Black Ink

     Hi everyone.  Ever ran out of black ink in the middle of printing something really important like a school paper or a resume right before you have to leave for the interview?  No?  Well then you are either lucky or keep extra on hand.  Good for you!  You can stop reading this.  Now on to people that have run into this issue including me.

     The way to do this is very simple on most modern printers.  You open the ink tray and take out the black ink cartridge.  Leave the color ones in there.  Then close the ink tray and try printing again.  THAT'S IT!!!!!  Your printer may complain at you that you need another black but it will then mix the colors together the best it can to get you printing in black.  This does however use more color ink then usual so you should replace your black ink as soon as you can.  That's all for now.  See you next post.  Oh and if you know anyone that this may help then please share it on your favorite sites from the links below!
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