Tekk Tip: Open Last Closed Tab In Chrome & Other Browsers

     Hello everyone.  Sorry about being so quite the past few days but the new background is up for the site and I am happy!  Now on to today's Tekk Tip.

     Have you ever accidentally closed a tab while browsing around in Chrome and wish you could reopen it.  You could go to your history and reopen the tab or if you have it book marked you could reopen it that way.  But thats a pain.  Here is an easier way.

     Thats right.  Ctrl + Shift + T  That will open your last closed tab in Chrome.  Well actually it will go back and keep opening previously opened tabs the more you hit it.  I tested it back to 20 tabs and it was still working.  While I figured this out in Chrome it does also work in Firefox, IE, and Opera. Anyway hope this saves you some time!

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