Wii U Gamepad Controller Review

     Hello and welcome back.  Today is the first hardware review for Tekk In Motion.  What I am going to review?  Well as the title above says I will be review a Wii U Gamepad controller.  Here is a picture.

     Basically the gamepad is a Wii U controller addition that looks like a old Gamecube Controller. It plugs into a Wii controller and you play with it from there.  I picked one up because I love the Gamecube controller for Super Smash Brothers.  Its not expensive either.  I got it for $25 at Gamestop.  For $25 you can't expect much but it does exactly what I what I want it to do.

     The big upside to the controller is that its like the Gamecube controller that I know and love.  It fits great in my hands and all buttons are in reach easily.  It connects to all Wii controllers so I don't need any adapters that cost a bunch and it comes in the style of several of my favorite characters including Yoshi, pictured here, Link, Mario, and several others.

     Now for my criticisms and I do have a few.  The buttons feel cheap but once again the gamepad is only $25.  The sticks have almost no resistance to them.  This makes precise movements a little difficult.  But my biggest things with this controller is the shoulder buttons.  On the Gamecube controller the shoulder buttons stuck out farther from the plastic.  I could use the insides of my fingers to hit those buttons quickly.  On this gamepad they aren't as prominent.  The are closer to the plastic and I have to use my finger tips to press them.  This causes me to hit the plastic a lot as the buttons are also closer to the plastic on the gamepad.  This has caused me to not actually press the buttons a couple times.  If they could change one thing on this gamepad I would say change that.

     Whats my final verdict?  Despite my issues with it the gamepad is still my go to for playing Wii U games.  I love the familiar design and I really want to buy the link style one.  What can I say I am sucker for Zelda themed items.  I would highly recommend this to anyone who wants a different option for gaming on the Wii U.

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  1. It does look a bit plastic. But as you said game cube :-D. Does the old game cube controller work on the wii u?

    I don't have a wii u yet :-(

  2. Unfortunately it does not without an adapter and from I have found the adapter only works for Super Smash Bros Wii U. So I didn't see a point in buying the adapter for one game.