TED: Ideas Worth Spreading

      This post is going to be about a little more than tech.  TED is an organization that helps push ideas and gives people a way to promote their ideas to make the world better.  TED hosts conferences where people get to do a talk in front of an audience of other speakers.  All of these speakers are influential people that are trying different ways to make the world better.  By getting to do these talk the speakers get to have their ideas heard by several people that have the ability to help push their ideas forward.  These "TED talks" are usually recorder and put online to inspire anyone who wants to watch them.

    There are a great deal of talks about tech.  New tech coming our way.  New ways tech can change our lives.  Ways that tech can help to change the world for the better.  But not every talk is about tech.  Some are about business, government, and even art.

     TED has been an inspiration to me ever since I saw my first talk in grade school.  TED is a good part of the reason that I started this blog.  It made me want to start to make a difference anyway I can.  A blog isn't much but the more people that are talking about issues, the better.

     One of the problems that I have heard about that people at TED are trying to fix is the lack of skills required to get a good paying job.  This is for several reasons but I want to help this issue.  I work in IT right now and I am getting into networking.  I am going to start passing on my knowledge.  This may or may not help people get a job but at the very least it will hopefully help people get through school easier.

     I found that if I know a material for a class I am taking, I really only have to go to class.  If the I have assignments, I do them but I don't have to spend too much time studying because I already know the material.  Knowing the material ahead of time should at least allow to people to go to school but not have to spend so much time studying so they can spend more time with their families.

     So in the hopes of passing on my knowledge I am going to start a series of posts called Skills.  Along with these post will be videos that will be available on Youtube and embedded in my posts.  Training videos are typically boring so I will try to liven them up a bit with my own style.

     Take a look at TED for your self.  You will find something that you are passionate about.


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