Comcast to charge for what bandwidth you use.

Comcast Change How They Charge You

     Comcast is trying a new way to price their internet service.  They are testing with the idea that you are only charged for what bandwidth you use.  Which is not a bad idea at the core.  That would bring broadband closer to being a utility rather then a luxury.  Just like water and electricity the more you use, the more you pay.

     But I don't think Comcast is going to do this correctly.  I can very easily see these guys charging people more for using less then what they are now.  If you pay say $40 a month now and Comcast gives you a data cap of 150GB then you should only have to pay $40 in a month if you use 150GB but I don't think this is how this is going to work.  I can easily see them making you you pay more then $40 for the 150GB.

     This is a good idea but Comcast should not be the one leading it.  They will screw up this idea far beyond anybody thinking it is a good idea.  So far my opinion on Comcast doing anything with the internet is:

I hear Comcast = I hold up a cross to fight them off!

     That is my opinion on them.  Thankfully I live in an area where they do not operate.  My DSL provider keeps me quiet happy.
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