Youtube looks at buying Twitch... Ummm

     There has been information put out that Youtube is considering buying Twitch.  I am nervous about this purchase.  These talks are only in the early stages but rumor has it that Youtube will possibly pay $1 billion for Twitch.  While this may be beneficial for those that use twitch, it could also be horrible for them with Youtube being a copyright goon.

     For those of you that don't know about Twitch, it is a video game streaming site.  Rather then uploading a video that anyone can watch at anytime like Youtube, Twitch is more like a TV show.  When a content creator is broadcasting you are watching a live stream.  If you miss something you can not back up the video or restart the video.  Twitch is a huge hit with gamers right now.  A lot of people do a show on the site that feature the person playing a video game.  It could be a Let's Play of a game or showing ways to do tips or tricks in games.

     Lots of gamers love Twitch because it is not a copyright Nazi like Youtube has become in the past year.  Youtube will throw you content out even if someone claims copyright on material that is not even theirs.  The system is run a computer program.  You can dispute the claim if you like but the
dispute is handled by a computer too.  If at any point you lose a dispute you get a copyright strike.  Three strikes and Youtube shuts down you account.  Because of this many games are leery about putting up their content on Youtube and they use Twitch has their alternative.

This is a link to Twitch.  Head on over their and check it out!

     This is why Youtube buying Twitch makes me nervous.  Youtube could do the same thing to Twitch content that they have done to their own.  If they do buy it I really hope that they change nothing on Twitch or nothing at all.  If they make sweeping copyright changes they will lose a lot of users who will go find another service that won't shut them down.  Right now I am AGAINST this purchase.  I will be watching its progress closely.
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