Net Neutrality... What is that?

     You may have been hearing a lot about Net Neutrality over the past few months.  Right now the FCC is working on a new proposal for Net Neutrality since the only rules of enforcing it were shot down earlier this year in court.  Net Neutrality has a lot of debate circling around it as well.  People are arguing mostly about how it should be implemented.

     Net Neutrality is a set of rules and regulations designed to keep the internet fair and open for everyone.  No one's content has more priority over another's, no matter how much money they are willing to pay.  This keeps the tiny websites and giant's like Netflix on level playing ground using the internet as only a means to an end.  If we didn't have Net Neutrality then big companies who could afford it, could pay for a fast lane in the internet so their content gets priority over a competitor's content.

     It would be like if you bought a Ford and because you bought a Ford you get to use a special highway that can only be used by Fords. This highway get you to your destination faster because Ford payed for the highway.  No cars made by Ford's competition could use this highway.   So why would you buy a start-ups' car, say a Tesla, when you get the faster highway with the bigger car maker, Ford.  Tesla would never be able to survive in a world like this because they wouldn't have enough money to pay for their own highway.  This is unfair for competition and stunts growth/innovation.

     Net Neutrality is extremely important if you want to keep getting new services through the internet from new companies.  Without Net Neutrality there will not be another Facebook, Netflix, SnapChat, Instagram, or Youtube.  If you want to build a service or product from the ground up on the Internet, then you need Net Neutrality.  Without it, you will be facing an uphill battle for the rest of your idea's

     Now what can you do to help.  There are several things you can do.  The first thing you can do is sign a petition that will be sent to the FCC saying that we need stronger Net Neutrality rules.  I will post a link below that has a petition that you can sign up for.  You can also help spread the word with social media.  Get on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube and scream that we need strong Net Neutrality at the top of your lungs!  There is more that you can do and the link below will take you to a website that will let you know all the things you can do.

     Net Neutrality is important to all of us, even if you don't know it.

Here is the website.  Read the article (its short) and then follow some of things in the article to find more information.
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