Malwarebytes: A Favorite of Mine

     With my recent post on if anti-virus is dead, I though a follow up post is necessary.  In my post from the other day I mentioned that anti-virus these days only stop about 70% of attacks, but what about the other 30%.  Well, I have a solution.

     Malwarebytes has been around for awhile and is known for it impressive scanner.  It can find almost any virus that may be on your computer and is free.  Recently Malwarebytes did a major update to their software.  With this came a renewed push from Malwarebytes to get people to purchase their paid for anti-virus software.  This software has been around for a while but not many people have been using it as far as I can tell.

     This anti-virus is unlike the others.  Normally if you run more then anti-virus at the same time, they can create false positives with each other and actually let viruses into your computer by mistake.  The Malwarebytes software was designed to run along side your current anti-virus software.  It is designed to catch what your anti-virus misses.  It is very lightweight on your computer and is programmed so that maleware and viruses don't recognize it as an anti-virus software.  This makes it very unique and it is a great deal for the price.  $24.95 for 3 computers for 1 year.  Its a great deal.  Better then most anti-virus software for price.

     At the end of the day the Malwarebytes anti-virus software is amazing and should be on your top list of priorities to purchase for your computer in our dangerous world.  I will post a link to the Malwarebytes website below for everyone.  While you are there, make sure to check out there other software offerings.  They have several more for your security needs.

This links to the Malwarebyets premium software.
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