Mozilla is allowed to make money!

     I saw another article today about Mozilla trying to make money with ads in their Firefox ad and how everyone hates this idea.  This whole things started a few months ago before I started this blog so I am going to weigh in on this now.

     Mozilla was going to put ads on the first page that pops up when you do a fresh install of Firefox.  These ads were going to be from the sponsors of Mozilla and other backers of the organization.  This would give Mozilla backers more bang for their buck.  On this same page, the ads would displayed next to popular webpages based on location, and other Mozilla products.

    Everybody FREAKED out about this!  They think that this is the start of Mozilla putting ads all over Firefox and making it an ad machine.  This is not something to worry about.  If Mozilla does do this to Firefox, then people which just switch to some other browser and Mozilla will lose it users.  Browsers are a highly competitive market with many choices for people.  So I think that Firefox becoming an ad machine, will not happen.

     I know people hate ads.  They do everything they can to stop from being shown ads.  Ads are annoying.  I understand this.  But everyone else needs to understand that ads are a necessary evil.  They make corporations pay for the services that are provided to us, the general public, for free.  Without ads several of the services that we use for free, such as Spotify and Youtube, would need to be payed for by us, once again the general public.

     Ads keep us from spending our money.  If you want Mozilla to continue to make Firefox and other products then they need funding some how.  By doing these ads for their investor, Mozilla is trying to make sure their income is secure.  Mozilla needs money to operate.  But complaining about the ads you might as well being trying to shut down Mozilla yourself.
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