Which web browser do I use?

      This should be interesting.  I want to share my opinions on web browsers with you.  Almost everyone has a favorite but I actually have several based on how I like to use them.  I will talk about Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera in this post.  I will not talk about Safari because I have never used and probably never will.  First Internet Explorer.  This will be short.

Internet Explorer
     Internet Explorer is Microsoft's browser that comes pre-installed with Windows.  I don't use this except as a back to my other browser.  If I am designing a webpage I always check to see how it run in IE because so many people still use it.  Other then that I only use IE for websites that only work with IE.

Mozilla FireFox
     FireFox is the Mozilla browser.  It is known for being a hog on computer resources but I have found that Firefox for Android works quite quick.  I use Firefox as another backup browser and my primary browser for my Android phone.

Google Chrome
     Chrome is Google's browser and the fastest browser out there.  The line for fastest browser is being blurred more and more these days but Chrome is still the fastest, if only by a little bit.  I use Chrome for my browser at work and for video related content at home.  Why just for videos?  Chrome seems to be able to load them faster then any other browser by a few second and my time is valuable.  So with videos I go Chrome.

     The Opera browser is made by Opera Software.  This browser is not widely used but is one of the most innovative.  A lot of the feature that you see in all browsers today were first developed by Opera.  They recently moved the their rendering engine over to the Chromium engine.  This puts it very close to the Chrome browser.  By speed Chrome and Opera are comparable these days.  I use Opera at home for most of browsing activity except for watching videos unless it is just a quick Youtube video.  I really like Opera because of its Off-Road feature.  If you have a slower internet connection you can turn on this feature and Opera severs compress webpages before sending them to your computer.  This allows you reach websites much faster than you normally could with a slow internet connection.  This is my MAIN browser at home because I always like to support the ones that can shake up an industry.

     That is what browsers I use and how I use them.  What about you guys?  I will put a poll next to this post for you guys.  Comment below and let me know how you use your browsers.
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