Is Anti-Virus Dead? Not So Fast.

     I just read an article saying that anti-virus software is dead.  Symantec, a leader in business solutions to protect against online threats, said that they think anti-virus is dead.  They were disappointed to see that anti-virus software has only stopped about 70% of threats over the past couple of years.  Because of this fact and the fact that this number has been in a downward trend, Symantec says anti-virus is dead.

     Symantec also went on to say that anti-virus is really only good at stopping the unsophisticated attacks.  They said the anti-virus software does nothing against the more elaborate attacks that we have been seeing lately.  To counter these kinds of attacks Symantec says that we will need next-gen technologies and software.

     Well I sure hope that with all of this negative attitude that they have something in the works.  The only comfort I take from this is that these big sophisticated attacks don't usually come after an individual's computer or device.  They are mostly used against large corporations that are worth their time.  The unsophisticated and simple attacks are the ones we still have to worry about on our personal devices and home computers.  Thankfully anti-virus software will still be able to protect us against most of those threats.

    When I read this article one of the first things I though is, "Oh great.  Now people are going to think that they should not bother to pay for their anti-virus." So I want to take this time to tell people, YOU STILL NEED TO BUY ANTI-VIRUS SOFTWARE AT HOME!!!!  It will still protect you against 70% of attacks which is better then 0%.  Now more then ever though, you need to be careful about where you go on the internet and what you download.

     The anti-virus that I use at home is Trend Micro.  It is a good all around program.  It is very good a protecting you against active threats and its scanner is great for finding viruses that may already be on your computer.  But the best part of all is that is doesn't bog down your computer like some power hungry anti-virus programs.  The link below will take you to the Trend Micro website.

Here is a link to the article that I read.  So you can see for yourself what I read.
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