Windows 10: First Impression

Windows 10 was release on July 29th, 2015 and I have been playing around with it.  Most people have had their chance with it at this point and the Internet is raising all kinds of concerns about privacy.  While I agree with some of the privacy concerns, they are not as bad as most people are saying.  Despite all the talk about privacy I am really enjoying Windows 10.  I have been testing it out on my HP convertible laptop.  It flips over to become a tablet so I get to take advantage of Windows 10's tablet mode.  So here is a little bit about what I have found out during my time with Windows 10.  I will try to keep it short so you can start your upgrade and find it out for yourself.

Privacy Concerns
     First we will just get the elephant out of the room, out of the way.  Most people are talking about Wi-Fi Sense and Cortana.  Wi-Fi Sense is a "feature" in Windows 10 that lets you share your Wi-Fi with your Facebook friends, Skype Contacts, and Outlook Contact.  It doesn't give out your Wi-Fi password though.  It just uses Microsoft servers to authenticate your Wi-Fi with your friends.  So your password is always safe.  It also doesn't just give out your Wi-Fi automatically.  It will only share your Wi-Fi if you if you allow it.  Wi-Fi Sense will ask when you connect to Wireless network if you want to share it with your friends.  You can just say or do like I did and dig into your settings and just shut Wi-Fi sense off.  Boom no problem.  Just a slight inconvenience.  Now for Cortana.

     Cortana is the "AI Assistant" that Windows developed for the Windows Phone to compete with Siri and Google Now.  With Windows 10 they brought it to the desktop.  Most people don't like it because of all data it collects on you.  For Cortana to work properly it stores and uses a lot of data that you create while using Cortana, Microsoft's new Edge browser and other Microsoft products.  A lot of people aren't comfortable with that these days after the whole NSA Snowden thing.  Now while I agree that privacy is a big deal on the internet these days, Cortana is worth at least a try for a few weeks to see if you can fit it into your workflow.  Heck it may make your life easier.  And at the end of it if you don't like you can just turn her off.  They she won't collect data on you.  BOOM no more elephant.  Now for some of the cools things about Windows 10.

The Cool Stuff
     Windows 10 came with a lot of improvements a small one being a performance update.  Windows now uses less of your computers resources to run.  Of coarse the start menu is back as well and it looks better then ever.  Not to mention you can now resize it so you can see as many or as few of those live tiles as you want to.  The biggest things that Windows 10 came with that I am enjoying is tablet mode.  Tablet mode is a mode that convertible laptops and the detachable laptops can take advantage of.  It made Windows 10 operate like tablet so that it is easier to use with your touch screen.  Windows has finally got the whole one OS for all devices things right.  Tablet mode works very fluidly too.  Swipe from the left to see open apps and swipe from the right to open your action center which is basically notifications with some quick settings.  Now it is worth it to turn my laptop over for more then just getting my speakers at a better angle.

     Windows 10 is a big improvement on Windows 8 in my opinion.  The one last thing about it though is support for all programs may not be there yet.  Especially the more obscure ones that colleges use.  I would not upgrade on my primary computer just yet.  My desktop is still at Windows 7.  Even with all of that though I think Windows 10 is great and will be even better after the next couple months and some of the small issues get fixed.  So now I am done and you can go and decided if the Windows 10 upgrade is right for you.
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  1. Oh I love 10 man, was a bit skeptical at first when I was going from a 7 loyalist up to 10, but... did it without hesitation, didn't backup because... don't really care about the existing data on my PC, and just went for it. Hands down one of the best operating systems out there, I can't say I like it more than 7 just yet, but I do like it.