Excuse the Silence


     Hello everyone.  I know there hasn't been a lot of posts lately but I have a good reason.  My wife has had some time off recently so I have been spending it her.  During that time I have also been brainstorming ideas for posts and writing.  I just haven't posted anything quiet yet.  This is also inline with how I am going to change my way I post on the blog from now on.  Up to this point it has been, I post when I get done writing an article.  In the future though I will be writing several things and then releasing those posts in a more consistent manner.  This means sometimes though there may be some lag between my postings as I am writing more.  Current event posts will still be posted as soon as I am done writing them.  For example tomorrow I will be posting my Windows 10: First Impressions post.

     I urge the readers of this blog to be patient with me as I try this new style out.  This blog is still young and I am finding a writing style & rhythm that works for me.  None of this is set in stone however and if this new method of posting doesn't work for me then I will change.  So fear not.  If you don't see anything new for awhile it only means I am working on more great content.  

     Stay inspired my Tekkies.
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