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Let's be realistic here, our phones get hot from time to time, we have all at one time or another reached down in our pockets only to have Hades inferno engulf our hand in an unknown blaze.  It happens, it sucks, we can go the route of swiping, closing, figuring out, and just all around trying to figure out what and why it's happening, holding ourselves back from just dipping our phones in a nice ice bath too cool it off.  Well instead, let's talk about a pretty nifty app that could help you out.  Clean Master.

Clean Master is a pretty cool app that monitors temperature, memory usage, storage, and also offers security options.  Instead of running through the mobile phone trying to find what is running, a single button press will in essence nuke any and all apps running, including useless system tools that have become frozen and are just devouring resources.  After that single button gets pressed, it will tell you the estimated temperature drop and memory gained in the process.  Your mobile phone will now, speed up, and who can hate that?  I for one love it.

Here is a real world scenario that happened to me.  I was playing three or four high end, memory devouring games that would give Matter Eater Lad a run for his money with the amount they they consume, but oblivious as I was, the memory and power consumption that was ensuing caused the phone to reach some seriously critical temperatures.  As I clicked the power button and dropped my phone in my pocket, it only took a few minutes for it to feel as if Dante's inferno was raging deep in my jeans.  Didn't take long for me to reach in my pocket from utter shock, full out the phone and just throw it on the table waiting for the battery to rupture.  Luckily it did not, but all I had to do was open up Clean Master, hit a few buttons, and the phone dropped in temperature a great amount within 10 minutes, saving both battery life, my leg, and my phone.

The fact is that some applications will hang, some will continue to run in the background, and always shutting them down isn't a primary nature action that many of us do.  But why stop at memory management when we can talk about storage as well?  Cached files occur, and junk appears, this app even allows for a one button disk clean up to roast the useless suckers and clear up some space.  No you're not going to recover 50% of your storage, but a gig or two of storage from time to time is more than enough to justify a couple megabyte application.

Why stop though with useful tools am I right?  Clean Master also includes AppLock built into the application.  Which is a very cool extra.  If you're unfamiliar with AppLock, lets explain through scenario.  Someone asks to borrow your phone to make an ever so important phone call, in the case of friends, not a problem, but... sometimes our friends can be jerks and think "Ha that fool gave me their phone, lets invade their privacy!" and begin to rifle through email's, text messages, call logs, everything.  As a self professed hacker, finding a mark in this fashion is quite easy, but with AppLock, even after the login screen a pass pattern is required to open specified apps.  Opening email, opening SMS, opening a game, can all be done and lock out anyone who shouldn't have access to the specified apps

All around this is a great application, increasing security on our mobile phone applications, monitoring temperature and controlling memory on the mobile phone, really what is there to lose?  Clean Master is one of my go to applications, I LOVE this application and suggest it to all of my friends.

Clean Master is not available for IOS yet, but they do plan on releasing a versions for IOS in the near future, there are a couple alternatives we will talk about at a later date.  For all those using Android, check out Clean Master, you won't regret it.
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