Tekk Tip: How To Turn Off Overscan On Samsung HDTVs

    Sorry for me recent absence everyone.  Unfortunately my wife needed to have surgery.  She needed some help so I had to take some time to help her recover.  Thankfully she is feeling better and everything went as expected.  Now to get back to writing about tech!

     Recently I managed to get my hands on a Intel Compute Stick.  More on that later but I had a fun issue while hooking it up to a 32" Samsung HDTV.  The stick was displaying at 1920x1080 and the resolution of the tv was 1920x1080 which was fine but really confusing when part of the desktop was cut off because it was too "large".  After doing some looking I found out that most HDTVs have a feature called overscan that causes this when hooking up a computer to a HDMI port on a TV.  Usually you need to plug in a computer into a HDMI port that says DVI next to it as well.  This port has overscan disabled on it so computer will display properly.  I, however, didn't plug the stick into that port and I had this issue. I figured this would be useful to my readers as well in case someone runs into this.  Here is how to fix it.

     On Samsung HDTVs you can turn a HDMI port into a HDMI DVI port.  Its very simple.  Start by pressing "SOURCE" and then "TOOLS" over the port you want to change.  Then select "change name".  Thats right you have to "name" the port so you can change the settings of that port.  Strange right?  Well anyway you next select the name HDMI DVI from the list and the display should re-adjust and the desktop will display properly.  You can choose the name for any device you have plugged into the port.  Such as Blu-Ray, DVD, or cable box.  Or you know, you can do it the easy way and plug the computer into the HDMI DVI port and not have to worry about this.  But I like to do things the difficult way, apparently...  Anyway hope that helps!
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