How To Tekk: Virus Removal Double Check

    Hello my lovlies.  Every now and again your computer does have a virus that tries to worm its way into your stuff.  To prevent this you should have anti-virus installed on your computer and I suggest paid anti-virus.  Personally I use Trend Micro.

     Your anti-virus should tell you if it blocks a virus, but for some of us that is not good enough.  If you would like to double check that there are no viruses on your machine then here is a simple way to do it.

1. Disable your installed Anti-Virus.  Only go to the links I provide below until you turn your own anti-virus back on.
2. TDSS Killer - Google TDSS killer > download and run TDSSKiller.exe from Kaspersky. If it finds anything, let it remove what it finds > reboot > scan again.
3. Disk Cleanup - Start > accessories > System tools > disk clean up. Check all boxes.
4. Clear Restore Points - Right-click My Computer and select properties.  Click on "system restore" on the left side > Click on the "Configure" button > click the "Delete" button near the bottom to delete restore points > Click "Continue" at the next prompt.
5. ATF cleaner - Go to > download ATF Cleaner > Check All boxes in ATF Cleaner and clear those files.
6. Malware Bytes - Download the free version of  malwarebytes from Install, Update, and run a full scan. Remove anything it finds and reboot.
7. ESET Online Scanner - You may have to add this to the trusted sites. Disable Symantec Endpoint Protection. In the ESET Online Scanner check the "Scan Archives" box > click advanced settings > add checks to the first 2 boxes > Click start. Let it remove what it finds and reboot.
8. Enable your installed Anti-Virus and be free to roam the internet once again.

Running through these steps should help you get any kind of unwanted software off your computer.  Nothing in maleware or virus removal is a guarantee but the steps above are good tools to use help you clean up your computer.
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